Age Management

Staying true to Beauté Therapies mission of empowering our clients to achieve a healthy and balanced body inside and out, we have created specialized Age Management services to combat the aging process at the cellular and nutritional level. This multi-faceted approach to beauty and health is designed to ensure optimal results and overall well-being.

At Beauté Therapies, we recognize that no two individuals are the same. Creating customized lifestyle age management programs for each client is our expertise. Your Age Management lifestyle coaching session at Beauté begins with an appointment to experience our specialized therapeutic lifestyle program called First Line Therapy (FLT).

FLT consists of a unique assessment to identify and overcome the cause of ill health and improving total body function naturally by nourishing, balancing and revitalizing the whole individual. Our Beauté Age-Management experts work alongside our Lifestyle Educators to analyze your personal and family health history, your current lifestyle, along with your current state of health to customize a program to maximize your health for life, while enhancing your ability of preventing disease.

State-of-the-art lab testing enables our age management physicians and experts to measure nutritional and hormonal deficiencies efficiently and effectively. Beauté Therapies clients receive a customized comprehensive analysis with recommended nutritional intake, exercises and all pharmaceutical grade supplementation regimes to assist in restoring vital nutrients, hormone optimization and balance.

We look forward to servicing your Age-Management needs at Beauté to help you achieve your personal health goals.